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So my posts resonate with you and you're ready to kickstart your personal empowerment journey !

I am so happy to hear and even more glad to help ! I provide products and services that will empower you to feel and look your best !

These templates and worksheets are the easiest way for you to build structure in your life !

By planning ahead, you have a clear mind and focus and as a result am more productive.

Productivity brings change and success !

Price: FREE. Click here to download yours and start decluttering your life TODAY ! 

In this 3 day webinar, I will help you take back control over your life & feel empowered.

We discuss the social structures set in place, the sources of your current situation and other reasons why you may feel stuck.

Also we do a bit of deep cleaning in your life so your past no longer holds you back.

Sign up here to enroll. That’s it. On each day at 6:15 PM, I will be going live and kickstarting the conservation with everyone. 

Price: FREE

Need more of a push to dig deeper? This course is for you ! 

In 3 weeks, your life will change. Your entire wiring will be remade and it'll take strength and courage. However, in this course you won't be alone. You'll be supported by me everry week and have an entire community at your disposal to vent to. We break you down to build you back stronger than before.

Price: One time payment.

If you more one on one assistance, let me be your personal development coach !

I take on 1:1 clients for a 3 month period to help transform their life completely. Click here for more information!

This will involve private sessions and customized plans to get help you achieve goals & reach your full potential!

Price: Free consultation then pay monthly. Payment plans are available.

Contact me here if you have any questions or concerns.

The process is as follows......


In this course, you get what you put in

It is interactive but you have to make yourself open to change

Vulnerability is opportunity here


You will be included in the private invite-only

Facebook Support Group with everyone else taking the course

Weekly Sessions

With all the other members to catch up on our progress, vent and support each other

Long-Term Results

Every week, we go deeper and deeper into ourselves and come climbing back out stronger than ever.

You know and love yourself

Solution oriented mindset

No longer a victim


This is free and via video chat

Not intimidating in any way

I'm getting to know you, your struggles and how you think


This when you officially sign on as my client and we schedule what time works for you for us to start

Mindset Shifts & Personal Goals

I am here to help.

Here we put together a customized plan for you to start seeing change

Self Development

Self discovery and development

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Make goals approachable

Make goals timely


Build structure

Know exactly what to do to achieve goals

Get Rid of Baggage

No more hoarding

Letting go off mental, emotional and physically baggage weighing you down



Celebrating Milestones

Social Structures

Recognizing and breaking


Getting past the trauma and generational curses

Self Worth

Mindset shift

What you allow in your relationships

How to build a better relationship with life


Building healthier relationships with yourself and others